Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Mouthful Sigh

Six years of friendship,
One and a half years of wonderful memories,
Uncountable laughter,

Has become something different now...

It feels more of like...

Immeasurable emptiness,
Uncountable loss of a companion,
More than a liter of tears,

A shocking news came to us like a smack on the face with the feeling of a lightning strike straight to the heart. Do tell me if there is a machine or even a doctor has a cure for that as I would like arrange a meeting or even spend a fortune for the medic. The date was 22/5/2012 in the afternoon about 3plus was really an unforgettable moment in my life leaving a scar and welcoming emptiness to me. Dearest friend Kee Siew Pik, you have been in my life for about 1 and a half year during high school and counting down the years we were friends, the amount of memories we had....was more like a centurion one.

I was very angry and sad when I first hear the news thinking why wouldn't you at the very least leak some hint out to us that you were sick..But realization of your strong character as you always have been, I completely understood why. As much as I wanted to stop thinking, the heart aches for you inside and indeed it's my very first experience losing a close friend of your age and its TRUELY HARD!

I'm wishing for more time , I'm also wishing for a time machine, even wishing for more time for my friends and family, wishing for a suitable time where everyone can gather up and have a great hang out time! A simple advice but often taken advantage of to all of you.. Always Cherish the People around you and always Make time for your love and important ones..

Monday, 14 May 2012

We choose to see what we want to see

Have you ever thought of anything you would change if you get a chance to turn back time? Is there anything you would want to say? Is there anything you regret of not doing? Is there a place you rather be then now where you're at? I believe we do ask ourselves these questions...

Among all things I learnt of life until today is not making the best or smartest decisions but to make a decision that we ourselves will not regret.true enough? Sometimes we tend to be in dilemma between two choices be it choosing where to eat, be it which clothes to wear for a function, be it which girl to go out with(well this....most of the time the boys will just go out with both.) what I'm trying to say is... Choices can be vary but the situation we are in daily are the same. We are often put in situation to choose one and most of the time we can't have both. Examples are like your soul partner, your job, your dream..things like that.

And at times we tend  to regret on certain things we have done or maybe thought of patching up our mistakes just to feel a little better. Yeah! some works some doesn't. When the latter comes, we starts to blame ourselves and more often that happens a lot more compared to saving the day. So what I've concluded...is.....
Make a decision simply following what your heart tells you to do and tell yourself no matter what happens... endure it and not to regret it. Yet again, we are put into a situation to choose.. Be wise and follow what your hearts tells you. Fair enough?

Comparing with this the old one...

So what do you think?? Is it a better one or another flop?? I mean I'm fine with both actresses if you know what I mean..Both are hot in their own ways....but the story line guys...Come on! don't be so shallow...haha..which will you prefer???

Friday, 4 May 2012

Repetitive is in its own world

When is the last time you heard an overwhelming song? A legendary song that people still play after so many decades? No matter how long ago was that song.. You'll still have it with you and it never gets boring. These songs are what I called... God Given Songs... Lol...I know...it's lame...

But that's not my main point.. Remember when Japan came out with their J-Pop songs?? They were actually quite good. In fact, their government actually supports the music industry very much and they are so closed to be on par with international music industry. Pfffttt....Japanese....Those bastards seriously.....FREAKING GOOD IN EVERYTHING! They even have people like Maria Ozama and Sora Aoi for goodness sake if you catch my breeze!! DAMMIT!!

But not for long though, in fact on the other side... Koreans actually built their music industry a little bit later compared to the Japanese.. But......... If you care enough to observe the evolution... K-Pop now are way more successful than J-Pop...  It's like my favourite artists from Japan Yui and Zone kinda mellowed down and if you ask most people who's SNSD.. It's like you're asking who's your dream girl..

(Just in case you guys didn't know.. This band has already been disbanded..Sigh...SADNESS)

Anyway..Imagine the craziness and how much humans actually indulge in K-Pop! Ask the younger ones now...Do you know Metallica or even ACDC.... I bet they would puzzled much.. Try searching Youtube for Metallica's live performance....They freaking need helicopters to scout the area full of fans and military instead of policemen to control the crowd... Those are legends and those are like geniuses in writing songs... Ok fine...you're too lazy to do it... Here is it....

That brings us to the next point about K-Pop songs.. If you have listened to them daily or even every minute.. You might just talked like a stuck tape.. They repeat words as if you don't have enough vocabulary.. haha... Serious! Pick any korean song and listen to it.. They bound to repeat the words... GEE GEEE GEEEE.....how many GEES u wan!!! GOT BEE GEES D!!! TAXI TAXI TAXI!!!!!

But no offence though... I do like some korean songs! haha.... maybe because Sex Appeal Sells...... These are few of my favorite K - Pop Songs....

Super in love with E-UI...hahaha......

In fact this song was the first Korean song that I'm hooked at...haha...Reason? Son Ga In... Lol.....

Have you guys ever wondered that they really like to repeat their lines/words ALOT?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ad: Advance Samsung Galaxy S!

As much as you guys knew... I have got myself a new gadget and so far it's being kind to me... not mentioning the battery consumption...haha.. It's crazy how much battery you put it in... it's still gonna drain it all within a day!! But yet again... I was told that the phone is wanted by a lot of people but yet it's kind of pricey.. Hmm... 

Very much true as I bought my current phone using loan from my very own dad! haha.... But among all phones in the family of Samsung.. There is this little guy behind the curtain a little bit shy being overshadowed by her few sisters as well as the coming younger brother S III as all are eagerly waiting for.... is this GALAXY S ADVANCE! 

Celcom has came out with it's new plan for those who are looking at a stylish and powerful at the same time android phone WITH AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! haha.... trust me... this is a phone that will instantly makes you a part of the smartphone world without outsmarting your wallet! If you don't believe me... have a look at their plans!! 

Samsung GALAXY S Advance
RRP : RM1,299
Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Basic
Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Advance
Celcom Exec 250
Monthly Commitment
Data FUP
12 months contract
18 months contract
What more... it's by Celcom! They are the best at what they do!  If  you're tired of getting to places where all advertising misleads you, Celcom has the best network throughout Malaysia! I believe hutan hutan also can get!! Seriously.... Apa lagi you mau??!!! more inquiries or things you would like to find out... click it here..  or heck.... http://www.celcom.com.my/smartphonesgo to the nearest celcom shop.... ASK THEM!

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