Thursday, 5 July 2012

Keep Walking...

Decisions ohh decisions... We make decisions everyday. Be it a small one or a big one, we make decisions everyday and sometimes it gets hard. One of the most common ones would be places to have your meals or should I pump petrol to my car at the nearest petrol station or later. Have you came across the harder ones in life? Things like what should I enrol myself in when I enter universities or colleges? What am I going to do after finishing my studies or perhaps which phone should I buy is hard enough??

The toughest decision I ever made was what I want for my career. I mean in the beginning, I know very well what I wanted (a copywriter) but somehow after going to a career talk and opening your eyes to so many other jobs available in the same industry kinda makes you reconsider. To the very least...ME!

Yes, I'm still holding on to become a copywriter or writing but I'm deciding to put it on hold or improve myself slowly first. I went to a Career Talk a couple weeks ago, I was amazed by how some speakers sells the concept of their job scopes to the people in the room. It can be so interesting and yet so factual about it. No sugar coating, no con job, just plain blunt simple truth.

Career Talks maybe boring at times. In fact a lot of talks which I've been were boring. Most of them shows only the better part and leaves you quite a number of unanswered questions and hanging. In the current one organized by 95% Advertising Academy gathering about 8 most inspiring people in the advertising industry kinda gave me a very clear picture of what is there to offer in the industry itself.

So yea, I've figured out what I want to do for the current me, and I might even try for the Graduate Fellowship they are offering to Fresh graduates and Final Semester Students. If you have no idea what is it all about or what makes me eager to join, do visit their website here. Look at the benefits they are offering.

I'm now looking forward to become a Strategy Planner and I'm pretty sure if I'm qualified, I'll be in safe hands. On another note, I realised the advertising industry is quite a versatile industry to be in. Imagine people from all different backgrounds ended up in the advertising industry! People graduates from Engineering, Law, Finance, IT etc etc. Basically anyone are capable in joining which also means that it's more exciting and challenging.

One final piece of advice was given to me : No matter what career path you're in, you still deal with people. With that, Please perfect your 'Engrish'.

Sort of two in one kind of advice don't you think?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

You hated it but You never really meant it.

When is the last time you heard your mom reminding you to clean your own room, to do the house chores, or to do your homework/study? Mine was quite long ago believe it or not, and I'm missing those moments already. It was annoying to me and it shuts my ears off during that time but as you grow up.. You will eventually realised how important they are in your life and when you think about how much effort and patience they have invested in raising you up, you'll love them even more although they might pull the routine once in awhile.

I love my parents from the bottom of my heart! If you understand what I was saying then you would agree on me that these are the people that will be there for you despite all the wrong doings of yours, all the dumb questions you've asked (questions that you wouldn't ask your friends afraid that they will laugh at you) , the only people you can be 100% transparent with.

Why this post about your parents you might ask and I'll tell you later in this post. When I look back at my past, I was always the pampered child compared to my elder brother. We fought a lot and my brother was jealous how my parents treated me. Up till today, I still hear the phrase that I was treated way better compared how my brother was. Of course, I've learnt to stand on my feet but I find it hard at times realising how I was so used to things that were taken care by my parents. I told myself to get rid of all these pampered habits and learn to be independent. I want to tell my brother one day that I can really stand on my own and facing the challenges in life, showing my parents that I've turned out great. That's what I want to achieve.

This is truly what I want to express today and the reason why this post is because of the movie "Brave" . Some might say its a so-so or an outdated storyline. But for me, it speaks right through my heart and I can so relate to it. Adding to that, was the lovely animation(credits to all hard working techies) and the soundtracks in the movie!! Believe it or not, I've already downloaded the whole album and it's good. I literally tried Soundtracking it with my phone in the cinema itself. That's how good it is. Give it a watch though. You might or might not like it but for me...It was AWESOME!

Here's my favourite song in the movie!

Family: I have no choice in which family to born in and yet I will never trade anything or anyone for the one I have now.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tomorrow Remains a Mystery

Let's start of with how was your day yesterday? was it a great one? or was it just pure miserable? But knowing Malaysians, most of them will just say "So-So lar" or "Oklarr". And what about my yesterday? Well, knowing what happened be it exciting or just plain routine, I'm looking forward to what is going to happen tomorrow.

I'm in a new work place now and so far, it's a very new interesting experience to be at. Things I've have taken granted for last time, I'm missing them now but none-the-less, it's great to really learn from ground zero again reminding myself the roots of things when they first started off to be more simplified and more manual. I have learnt so much in these few days ( It's now my 3rd week). This free lance job that will only last for 2months and seeing the whole plan in place, I can't wait for all the challenges to come, I wonder how my future self will be solving all these matters and making sure everything in order so I won't screw it up. As I'm writing this, I do hope everyone is doing great and if there is any wall in your pathway, don't turn back but figure a way to overcome that wall. Be an overcomer and for once, achieve something for your own life. A moment in life when I was about to give up, my ex mentor who is also one of my closest friend back in the old place told me this.

If you don't stay strong and fight for it, someone younger than you who wants it more than you or someone that hungers it more than you, they will do your work! Sooner or rather, you'll watch everyone overtaking you in life, going 1 step ahead of you or further. You'll end up staying there forever.

Well, not the exact words but yea it carries the same weight. This was indeed a wake up call for me. Me being all whiny and a bitchy princess about so many things finally came to reality that I have to be hard working and STOP COMPLAINING how life used to be and start coming out from my own comfort zone. I have to thank her deep down in my heart!

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