Monday, 30 April 2012

Ad: Juz Kol

So when's the last time you called your loved ones and you talk on the phone for hours? I believe those that are in long distance rship will understand this a lot! The person you missed so much finally took an effort to call you and sometimes, and while you're at it, you take turns to call each other back.. I know right.... those small little gestures....just reminds you of your loved ones. Just the thought of hearing the voice of the person is enough to take you through the day and at times, just a call you can change a person's life...well, wouldn't be that serious but hey, you'll definitely change a person's day.. I remember the time when I was young and I had this puppy love going on, damn..... heck we could talk so much on the phone, curi-curi call during the ungodly hours and talk for hours....but when we met up....It's allllllll awwwkkkkwarrddddd....hahaha....
Stories aside, sometimes a simple phone call will just change a person's hard day 180degrees and you'll give a special gift that is not worth any currency.... A SMILE! seriously....it's really irreplaceable! So... to all who are reading this... I would like to share this with you! Celcom is making the 1st of May which is today a Juz Kol DAY! a day to where you drop all of your to do list and grab that phone you've been pressing all day long...to call up the people you cherished the most and yet been taking the advantage of not asking how are they... Do it peeps! It's totally worth it.... a few cents to make a person happy and felt cherish....that is like pffft.....need me to say more?!

I'm going to call all the people I miss today and all the credits goes to XPAX for reminding me of my loved ones I once taken advantage of. So yea!!! Let's make this a trend by sharing this on your Facebook and Twitter!! have fun guys and have a nice day!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

When the Sun Sets

So it begins.. you'll take a shower and head out for dinner or have a lovely home cook meal. Wash up the dishes and get yourself comfy with the couch and grab the Astro controller(BTW, Did you know Astro won the award for Best of the Best for Putra Awards and they are giving all users to view ALL channels for 10 days which ends on 5th May). 

Little did you realised you got bored of the channels and it's only 9pm... Oh damn it... IT'S SATURDAY AND I'M BORED TO DEATH.. and so you looked at your phone and you saw your friend will be at a bar nearby..well, it's Ipoh anyway..ANYWHERE IS NEAR compared to KL. Do you agree??
So you head down there to meet her and her friends and oh my..you enjoyed yourself! FYI : It was my first time touching all the camera apps on my phone so forgive me if it ain't that nice...xD

This is Girlbe the "China" mui...haha....always being mistaken....

My Biattchh forcing people to help her camwhore...tsk tsk

Made a new friend yesterday and it's Michelle....She crazily loves to harrass Mabel...O.O

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Yes! I am finally out from university! I have finished every single shyte there is to offer to me! perhaps Masters next stop...hmm.....Perhaps somewhere down the road who knows right? But at the moment, Imma work my ass off just to get a living for myself first!

Now now...there's a lot of things running in my mind and it's driving me nuts..Life is just so uncertain and a lot of times we have to take a leap of faith to keep on going. It's been 5 days since I'm back at my hometown and I have to say..I am not used to IT!!! I still wakes up early in the morning though and most of the time, I have no idea where to start my day. So I guess it's almost time to get back to KL and jump start my career life.

I've been thinking a lot to get a new mobile phone as my current one really really.....kinda killing me softly. So I brace myself , do or die preparation to ask my dad to allow giving me a certain money first to get the phone and I'll pay him back as I work. It was a good idea but to pitch this to my dad kinda takes a lot of balls and preparation to be honest! He's every ready to shoot you down any time anywhere!

But then again.... I guess I managed to persuade him in getting one!!! YAY!!!! and Ta da~! it's here!!!!!!

Wanted pink kolorrrrrr but mom gave me the super scary cockstare@@"

This phone has been driving me so crazy these 2 days cost even though it's still an android but it's so new!!!! and there's a lot of chinese apps which the shop installed for me...DARN!!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hi there old self.

I was browsing through videos in YouTube and I guess I bumped into an old gem.... My group's university work. As I watch it again, flashes of memories just came back like a fast forward slideshow. All the hard work, sleepless night spent on editing, believing the wrong people in task delegation, starting last minute work to the very last where no one actually believes it, drinking crazy amount of Redbulls during exam period and assignment deadlines.

 Gosh! Those times when all of us stick together and pull it through was really an amazing experience. This is our craziest work ever but we love it as throughout the making, it was all fun and what matters the most was our ideas keeps popping out of no where to make things happen.

This wasnt much effort in it by me but yea it was still part of our work. Ideas and soundtrack was what I did

But yet, I have seen and heard that some didn't love their secondary school life as well as university. I couldn't say I understood them as mine was life changing literally. Be it good or bad times all together, I love every single moment of it and I would never trade it for another person's life. I was a normal kid in secondary, never really made it through in the eyes of teachers, never gotten any recognition from seniors, never been a prefect in the school...but all that doesn't matter as I was well blessed with a group of great friends and till now, I still do.

The Victor in University I was so proud of ! The moment I broke down when I first failed my subject and I have to postpone an extra semester thinking I could never made it through Degree and was only made for Diploma. That didn't stopped me as one my lecturer (Mr. Abel) called me up and did what other lecturers normally wouldn't do; say it's okay to fail now then to fail in life, learn life as it is and appreciate it. The Victor in University was a spoilt brad in the beginning, more pocket money was all he cared and misuses the PTPTN loan was his hobby. Countless quarrels did he had with his parents concerning money up until this particular incident where he saw things which he never really thought of seeing. The tears of his beloved mother that cried along with him after quarrelling woke him up from his stupidity.

Have you felt the feeling before where you could not bear to see that your one and only parents breaks down in front of you telling you how much they love you and they have never treated you as a liability to them? From that very moment.. SNAP...you realised how wrong, immature and foolish you were. So Victor promised himself to turn over a new leaf and work hard and study but in his study life he wasn't the best student in class as well. He wasn't the one who follows orders and licks the lecturer's boots to get extra grades. Those lines that lives in his university life was:

"What Nonsense is this?"
"This is BAD! Do it again!"
"You have not been attending my classes and now you're giving me this kind of work?!"
"What happened to you Victor? I've evaluate you before, this is not your work!"
"Really? Are you serious in handing this to me?"
"Is this your work? You are already in your final year! HERE! Compare my work and yours."
*talking to 3rd person while pointing at me* " You didn't gave him that task did you? If you did I'm Speechless.

I miss the moments of being jolly and crazy carefree

Yea...I believe you sort of get the idea how I was during my university. None the less, looking back now, I might rant a little bit here and there but again I didn't regret as I was surrounded by lovely people. The very moment I realised I needed to be better in my studies after 2 years of not trying hard. My mentor also my friend Ms. Ina gave me and my group a deal. If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach. I asked why was she offering this to us thinking we were not worth of such help. This was what she told me : The reason why I picked you all was because you are like the underdogs and you guys are ALMOST as naughty as I was, of course I was way more crazy and naughty than you guys but you reminds me when I was young. 

A prayer was answered and I never looked back. I did what I could and GOSH! Throwing an unwanted habit is so damn hard. Til today I am still in this battle with laziness. But really, she was the one that started my spark of fire in my soul and she shows me how much I really love about advertising. That was my starting point for a better change of whom I am now and I believe it's not going to stop there because life lesson takes a lifetime to learn. Now, as time passes by, I have become of Victor that you all know now.. HI!!!

 So yea, I've just realised that these few posts were more about appreciation of the people around my life and I really want to do this. I thank God for these people in my life and I really love all of them. Thanks for reading and getting to know me a little bit more of what I've used to be. Cheers! 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Almost just almost

Just a blink of an eye it has been 3 months for me in KL...well, at least for me.. Been trying my best as what I was doing in my internship and I think it paid off. I guess my marks were quite good even though I was not told the exact amount but according to my beloved mama mentor Jestina, I did above average... Well, that's what actually motivates me more! and I'm glad to hear that.

What I'm about to say is that It's been a great experience working in Nuffnang and my gratitude reaches to each and every single Nuffies for being such kind and helpful humans to me. A very special shoutout to Mikaela/amayying/may ying for seriously being my friend where I can really talked to about random stuff, teaching me so much stuff despite my stupid questions at times.. Michelle Teh for being my team leader that takes really good care of me and also giving me opportunities to learn! Jestina for being a lovely mother of Sales team that really really pushes me and giving me so much work that helps me sharpens my idea generating skills. If ever I have a chance to work again in Nuffnang Sales team I really wished I could be under her once again! Lydia, Yee Hou, Sofea, Sabrina, Willy for bullying me so often making it as if I'm a laughter tool!! haha... but hey, I do wish I can make all of your days a little bit more funny!Andrew Koo for being my buddy in everything..such an awesome dude to hang out with.. Farah, Anne, Thara and Sue not forgetting Joel Wong as well for always being there to make my days full of rainbows. Yuen for training me up as well and actually indirectly training me on how to meet deadlines.. So much people to appreciate!! Boss Tim for being cool and friendly as well Michelle Wong aka Mimipie for hiring and giving me a chance to learn in Nuffnang itself! Not mentioning all the super duper free goodies Nuffnang has given me! Free tickets to movie screenings(get to brag about movies where people havn't watched yet) Free tickets to most events...HOW COOL IS THAT?!

FREAKING FACEBOOK JACKED TO THE MAX when I forgot to lock my computer when I went for lunch!!!

Seriously it has been an awesome journey.. I have witness so much! Participated so much in the company that   I have seen how the working life is way much better compared to other corporate companies are. There are ups and downs in working life. I have experienced my first scolding/tegur in my working life which proves that I am normal and I'm not almighty. I have learnt to deal with stress when meeting Yuen's deadline(appreciate that alot) Being humble and learning not to burn bridges in your life. Seen and heard things happening in the office and actually looking at my colleagues handling stressful stuffs.  

There are four more days excluding the weekend left in this orange office and I can't wait to get back in it IF I'm confirmed. I would make myself clear that when I'm officially joining the team, I would try my very best to make the place a better place to be and lighten up people's burden..of course get a better life for my own as well. One have to make a living and live life in satisfaction.

To all Nuffies, If ever I have offended anyone by any chance without my knowledge, please do forgive me... 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Zouk it is!

Let me start of with a gratitude thanks to both Digi and Zouk for giving me a chance to go Zouk@Sepang! Indeed it was an honour and a special thanks to Anne Cheah for giving me the tickets! <3

As a first timer in Sepang, I didn't know that the journey to Sepang could be that far! O.O but yea it was indeed a great place to held these kinda events as its secluded from housing areas. Anyhow, this post is gonna be long and filled with pictures most of the time and on a side note.. My friends actually told me that the chicks in Zouk@Sepang are much more prettier compared to the ones in UBF Genting.. I might as well say....All but ONE!heeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Let's move on with the event, as I entered the place there's this thing that keeps bugging me which is up til now, I couldn't really figure out the differences between a VIP and a regulars' privileges.. I mean I don't really felt it at all =/  unless the line up registration...aahhh...that would a great help as well...xD

To my suprise...the crowd was awesome and full of sweat!!! God knows how many DNAs I've collected throughout the event but people were awesome and friendly.. It's all for the music man...all for the music!

Having said that among all Djs' there....I noticed that Angger Dimas was actually quite talented and he did rocked the crowd with his stuff! Here are some pictures just to prove I was there! haha....

The crowd still looks small when we arrived...It was roughly 8plus when we reached..

Iron Man came in and the whole crowd was so SHOCKED that all of us starting Jumping and smiling... *.*Just kidding~ xD

TyDi ain't bad as well!! 

The crowd gets bigger as the clock hits 11pm and people tend not to move from the place they were standing instead they actually sat on the damn floor! What the hell....if you get exhausted go out and get some fresh air instead!

I have to "bermuka tebal" abit.... I think I got some pretty awesome pictures just using my free sony digicam...XD

Angger Dimas was giving us a great time with full swing dubstep all around and damn he did GOOD!

The best bobby burns picture I had though =/ 

Some lighting showcast!

This is where Afrojack finally came out and took over control the show like a boss #mostgayaDJever!


*insert dubstep music here*

So it was a happening event that all of us did enjoyed....haha!! We went back earlier just to prevent the massive jam later on... and this is where I'm signing off.. Thanks again for reading a part of my life in this blog.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

U.B.F. Among the Clouds...

ALL RIGHT... This post is a little bit behind time but bare with me~~ The City of Entertainment among the clouds with shivering weather and misty air all around has brought me some wonderful memories before this and indeed they have done it again. Thanks alot Genting Highlands. We were invited to attend an awesome festival called United Nation of Beers Festival ! This event is basically exclusive for GentingCard members and bloggers. So yea, Wohoo!! We are actually invited to taste up to 50 types of beers available in the world and we are accompanied by like super hot girls! Basically..The best thing a man can ask for!

Now, I would glady like to extend my gratitude as well as a huge big thank you to Genting for being friendly and fine hospitalities they have provided to us! I have felt literally being spoilt by all they have offered! And as the night goes by us, me,Joel and Dylan (I personally calls him Dhong) got this hamsap aura going on out of no where and suddenly we are stalkers.. I have to tell it's not a proud thing but I can say she's irresistible to not take pictures with her! haha! Indeed it was the only night in my life that I got to take pictures with so many hot girls! Hmm...I think it's time I should release the pictures already..Haha! and here they are!

These two girls are awesome..But sadly I didn't know what beers they are selling but I'm assuming one of the new beers which I forgotten what's the name. I didn't liked the beer though and the bottle looks like a little bit bigger than Redbull's bottle. =/

Japanese beer Asahi does have a good taste in choosing their girls I believe. I find her cute so does Dhong.. Not so sure about Joel though...haha.... Apparently a friend of Dhong knows her..What a small world!

After tasting a few beers from both sides of the hall... Yea! They have two halls for the people there! One is with an awesome live band another would be a club setting with 2 Djs' I've seen.. And I find her cute.. Resulting in taking pictures with her...yay!!

Erm...Needless to say??^^v

This picture was taken when we were waiting for our first beer!

Joel seems happy + *yeah i like this chick* going on...haha....Juz kidding bro

Another pose for Asahi girl...Kinda like this picture though
Yeap! Hottest policewoman you'll ever find! Apparently she's also one of friend's friend...=.=dammit

She is one of the girl I would kinda feel intimidated to take photos with? She's so freaking tall!!!
This picture is by accident and remember the girl I was talking about? uh hmm....SHE'S THE ONE!!!

The reason why I took this picture....Does she reminds you of someone?? 
*Hint* a wife of someone who eats spinach and gets super strong...

Been wanting to take a picture with her almost the whole night but unfortunately she's been surrounded by a lottttt of uncles.....=/ Is my taste so uncle-ish or its just she's hot??@@"

hehe....looks how she pose with her straps?? damnn...
I believe this might just be the last time we'll see each other...huk huk.....

So yea....it was a great journey and event for all of us I believe and what can I say... Loving my internship! haha..... hope you guys enjoy the reading and this post....kinda too much chicks going on isn't it?? oh well.....awesomeeeeeee

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