Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pulau Sembilan Fishing Trip [P9]

Here's a post for a fishing trip I just went on 17th May 2013 - 18th May 2013.

Destination - Pulau Sembilan [P9]
Overnight Trip
Tekong - Abang Man

So 5 of us consist of our Captain Kin Loon, Daniel, Clarence, Vincent, and myself started our journey at about 3am from Yum Yum Restaurant Kota Damansara. We got everything packed into Daniel's Triton and got ready for the journey.

Let the pictures start doing the talking shall we?
Our Ride all the from KL - Lumut

The members for an early breakfast

About 6:30am we reached a place in Lumut to have our early breakfast and it's chicken rice! 

Departure Time

Purely reminds me Man Vs Wild

Cooked by our Tekong Abang Man Cincaru Curry with Salted Egg! Yummy Of course!

 Captain's Ikan Cermin (Longfin Trevally)
Daniel's Biggest Talang (Queenfish) approx 2kg

 If you ever wondered how fishermen gets the anchovies.. Here's how! These boats are worth about a million to actually own one according to our Tekong

Net catch consist of 1 stingray, 1 Flower Crab and 1 Stone Crab

This is our total catch throughout the Trip!

One of the island around Pangkor Island and Pulau Sembilan

Pangkor Island 

The best fishing spot throughout the whole Trip (Batu Puteh) in P9

Our Chef Daniel got the biggest hookup! 

Engine room cum Kitchen. How crazy is that?!

Our Captain wins the title of most fish in one hook up (5 Cincaru / Hardtail Scad)

This is how a Hardtail Scad (Cincaru) looks like.. In the family of Tuna

Oh, we also knew that PR is in Pangkor Island too! Ini Kalilah!

Say Hi~~

Our Total Catch of the Trip and I'm Happy with it!

Advise to all - Never go fishing on the weekend. It'll be packed and it's not going to be pleasant fishing with so many people around.

So basically that's about all we catched and that almost sums up the whole trip. We went back to KL and drop by Daniel's Restaurant (Yum Yum Restaurant) for a quick lunch! Plus he's the cooking our fishes FRESH! Here are the pictures of the food!

Nothing beats FRESH Seafood and I meant real fresh! All the food cooked by Yum Yum Restaurant were awesomely nice and the curry with the fresh fishes are just a DIE FOR!

And again, Lines tight and have fun! Great experience and although I did have seasick experience but it was a great trip!

 Thanks and Lines Tight by the Gone Fishing Group!

*Pictures credits to our Captain Kin Loon. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

[Contest] The new Inspiring Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™

Beneficial post I would say this is! A little bit of hard sell already am I? I won't be if you continue reading.

I believe all of us do know the famous trance DJ Teisto aka "Tijs" right? I'm a fan of him since the day I started listening to trance. How long have it been since the last rave/party you guys went? Quite some time ago isn't it? The last for me would be the FMFA and I'm sort of having some craving by now. 

The last time DJ Teisto came to Malaysia was few years back and I enjoyed every freaking second of that party! and what I love the most is that he's featured now in this advert clip. Have a look!

We all know that Teisto are famous for huge ass rave and party rocking and trust me you do not want to screw up! 

This clip actually attracts the hell out of me when the  Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ were used as a TURNTABLE! Now that is something you don't see everyday. It's so freaking ultraportable and since it has Touch Centric going on, god damn you can actually scratch that damn screen like how you do it with a turntable. Of course all you need is that Virtual DJ software installed. In that clip, our beloved DJ were too busy getting his way back up the stage, Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel saved the day with no hassle at all! Notice how the battery actually lasted for almost a whole day! Nuts I would say but definitely a die for battery life!

What distinguish this Ultrabook with others is that this unique feature of able to detach or Detachable Monitor to be  precise. You can use it with keyboard if you love to feel the keyboard while you type or even as a tablet when you don't even have time to sit down.

Nonetheless, I have yet to get my hands on one of this ultrabook but with the features and specs, I'll be heading to the nearest Acer Outlets real soon! Perhaps if Acer is being nice and luck is on my side, I might actually own one and share my experience with you guys on the Acer Aspire P3!

Less talking, head on to their website to check out the all new Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ at http://www.acer.com/aspirep3/en_UK/

Friday, 4 January 2013

Thoughts in 2013

In case some of us may have been hibernating for quite too long and have not realised that it's already 2013. Welcome to the new life! and of course we have surpassed the myth of The Mayans.

Obviously we are all still alive and yes, it's another day in our life.. Back to ROUTINE peeps!

Did anyone of you went for countdown in welcoming 2013? Well, I did it in Setiawalk Puchong. Bet some of you didn't even realised that there's such place. Well at least I thought so and I was hoping that place wouldn't be that packed compared to other places...but nooooooo.... I was wayyyyy wrong and DAMNNNNN..... It was insanely packed with earthlings!

*Some pictures will be shown along the way of these post

So, it's still the New Year's season and I do want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may blessings be upon you and your family!

Few things I notice in the beginning of every new year are the resolutions set by so many people, updates on Facebook, Twitters or even Instagrams. That's how resolution had became a trend for all. It symbolizes our life milestone as well as a new beginning in our life. A time to set our path straight. But I've also seen people talking about 2012 to 2013 or any other year are just purely numbers. Well, maybe they don't understand it but once in awhile we humans need some kick in the ass to move in life or to do something we always wanted to do.

It all depends on ourself. For me, I don't really have any new year resolutions but I do have a bucket list to cross. That's my milestone or should I just say my 'deadline' ?

Okay.... Thank God 2012 was over and now the next one is here. Purely excited about it and as I'm typing this, I've been thinking how was my 2012 experience are. Well, I believe it has its ups and downs. One of the few things I'm glad was that I started working and learning how to be independent which clearly I'm not yet =.= BUT I'm getting there!

Another would be I have persevere hardships to actually mould myself to never give up in life. Making myself to understand that every single time I am at the urge of giving up and choosing the easiest route 'running away' ; I would stay calm and actually learn to see in another different angle.
Well it's not as easy as it says, but yea! once you did that, you find yourself a brand new day to tackle that crap.

Another thing I realised was.. my budget and my income. Doesn't really seems to be telly every single month! Expenses are getting higher, things are getting expensive, entertainment are sky rocket unaffordable, but your salary...remained the same. Doesn't even make sense any more to actually work. And I'm supposed to start saving for houses and car.. This is so not getting anymore!

Above all things I've mentioned, deep down I'm just happy that I'm alive everyday and my friends are always there for me helping me out. ALSO, PARENTS!!! THEY ARE THE BEST of the BEST!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Music of our motherland

Let's start of with something like this...

What do you think? If anyone of you were to be about my age or to be a little older, you'll definitely know this band... and what about this...??

Nice catchy song don't you think so? Or maybe you'll love something like this...

Now personally I like all of these songs and the one no brainer similarity is that all 3 of these bands are made from our local music scene. Probably one of the earliest to be in the rock scene of Malaysia. Where I'm trying to get is that I believe our local breed bands are actually quite awesome. Take a look at this!

I mean people do complain that our local scene should stay under and only sings in Malay language; do tell me now, which of these songs do sound like Manglish?(Except when they sang in that language of course)

In my humble opinion, I believe the local music scene should be given a chance not only for solo singers like Siti Nurhaliza but also the music scene as a whole. That includes rock bands. I seriously do not get what's the deal with rock music is the devil's work mentality! That damn believe is just pure hypocrite! It's like the devil got blame for nothing!

What are the advantage of supporting our music industry?

  • The obvious would be the exchange rate of foreign currency in purchasing the songs
  • Perhaps the image of Malaysia will change a little to a better one
  • People will actually care to find out where is Malaysia on the map
  • Recognition not only for the bands but as well as our country~!
I mean these few reasons are strong and valid enough to actually make a move.. It's even funnier our local bands are more famous in other country and well cheered for compared back in Malaysia itself. For example: Pop Shuvit is freaking hawt in Japan, OAG is well known around the world especially UK (they even got invited to play for Fifa)

Come on, there way more talents that can move far from where they are now, try supporting them now and again don't be ashame of your own roots and your country. Yes I do have to agree there's a huge big war going on in our very own country but yet again, we are all in this together, it doesn't matter who wins and who didn't, and hack we don't even care at some point. Everything starts from within and as long you have that real Malaysian spirit in you, it's more than enough. I shall leave you guys with one last video and have a happy weekend!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

When things are hard

Signed in to Youtube and starts playing 'Til Kingdom Come' by Coldplay. While I indulge in this song and allowing the tunes and melody brings me to a whole new feel, I began to think of my life and how things are at the moment and how my life changed as I grow.

The phrase came to mind where 'If you spend most of your time pleasing people, you're not really living your life, and people don't appreciate what you've done instead they ask for more from you.' It's true isn't it? Look at the reality of the world, no matter how much you sacrifice your time and even at the back of your mind tells you it's not worth it but because of your love for people, you fight your thoughts thinking it's all worth it; somehow you find yourself disappointed all the time.

At times, things might turned out to be worst, you'll lose your close friends when they don't see the point of your doings. The doings of when you yourself learning to change to make yourself a little happier after all the sacrifices and deeds. It makes you sad when you jump to the conclusion of is that what your friends weighs you? The deeds and sacrifices for their benefits instead of yours?

The thoughts leads to how much are you willing to go for your friends? How many of your friends appreciate what you've done and willing to be the other clapping hand? Not much I believe. Moving on from this, who appreciates your sacrifices and your time more specifically instead of do so much just to see which of your friends cherished you?

Personally, I think we should not stop giving our love and good deeds. I'm not asking all of us to be selfish, if we all are then war is going to start. And I do think we had enough of wars, fakers and dramas already. I guess we should channel all these more to our loved ones and your partner. I think they appreciate it more compared to other people. My dad once told me that 'The ones that are going to be with you through thick and thin, is not your friends but the one that says yes I do'.

Your wife/husband/spouse/gf/bf that loves you for who you are. You might agree wholly or you might agree to a certain extend, but we all know that when two person comes together and tolerate each other, it's really a lot of effort and magic to make it happen and I guess I see that a lot in my parents.

I've seen the worst and the happiest moments of them as I live with them. I do wish I can be in the moment with the one I love too. Such greatness that can actually change your worst day of your life to the happiest. So love the ones that sees you through the hopeless journey not only your success. Give them a hug and a big kiss if you think you have neglected them.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Busy Malaysia

Hi all! Today, I would like to talk about our beloved country Malaysia. What's the hottest news in our country at the moment?? Take a wild guess.. and no, it's not the Olympics (that's the sports section^^)

Yes! It's about politics isn't it? So much so it's been going more then 6 months now and yet the election have yet to come. Everyone is so busy about debates on who's better and multiple promises have been made. All for one reason, to win votes. So much so, they are making almost the international news.

What I'm wondering was... What are we citizens are doing? I mean we see them debate, we see them having talks on the streets, and seeing their party banners everywhere.Both sides have been talking about diversity in our country and we need to be one. We are 1Malaysia and 'sehati sejiwa'.

But beside all that, what we citizens have been doing? I couldn't say more because what I'm about to say have been put to words by Namawee and Dato' David Arumugam.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Keep Walking...

Decisions ohh decisions... We make decisions everyday. Be it a small one or a big one, we make decisions everyday and sometimes it gets hard. One of the most common ones would be places to have your meals or should I pump petrol to my car at the nearest petrol station or later. Have you came across the harder ones in life? Things like what should I enrol myself in when I enter universities or colleges? What am I going to do after finishing my studies or perhaps which phone should I buy is hard enough??

The toughest decision I ever made was what I want for my career. I mean in the beginning, I know very well what I wanted (a copywriter) but somehow after going to a career talk and opening your eyes to so many other jobs available in the same industry kinda makes you reconsider. To the very least...ME!

Yes, I'm still holding on to become a copywriter or writing but I'm deciding to put it on hold or improve myself slowly first. I went to a Career Talk a couple weeks ago, I was amazed by how some speakers sells the concept of their job scopes to the people in the room. It can be so interesting and yet so factual about it. No sugar coating, no con job, just plain blunt simple truth.

Career Talks maybe boring at times. In fact a lot of talks which I've been were boring. Most of them shows only the better part and leaves you quite a number of unanswered questions and hanging. In the current one organized by 95% Advertising Academy gathering about 8 most inspiring people in the advertising industry kinda gave me a very clear picture of what is there to offer in the industry itself.

So yea, I've figured out what I want to do for the current me, and I might even try for the Graduate Fellowship they are offering to Fresh graduates and Final Semester Students. If you have no idea what is it all about or what makes me eager to join, do visit their website here. Look at the benefits they are offering.

I'm now looking forward to become a Strategy Planner and I'm pretty sure if I'm qualified, I'll be in safe hands. On another note, I realised the advertising industry is quite a versatile industry to be in. Imagine people from all different backgrounds ended up in the advertising industry! People graduates from Engineering, Law, Finance, IT etc etc. Basically anyone are capable in joining which also means that it's more exciting and challenging.

One final piece of advice was given to me : No matter what career path you're in, you still deal with people. With that, Please perfect your 'Engrish'.

Sort of two in one kind of advice don't you think?

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