Friday, 23 March 2012

Ad: Tiger Asian Music Festival

Do you guys remembered the last year's Tiger Asian Music Festival?? Some of you do...some of you don't...haha...Mostly some of you don't right?? Well so do I! But this year I'm hoping to be there coz...  LMF is featured in this Tiger Asian Music Festival and I got to tell you guys that LMF have indeed plays a huge part of my life. Especially when I'm angry of certain things and damnnnn.....Their music has been there for me.

If you understand...It makes sense right?

One of my favorite music from LMF! Hell yeah I'm CRAZY!!

So What I've not experienced was hearing them live and I really hope I'll be there to experience it! Not forgetting legendary Beyond as the highlight of the festival and hell yeah...It's gonna be a hell of an experience! However going alone is not gonna be as cool as a group.. So I hope all of you guys will be there and we can meet up right??haha.. ROCK ON PEOPLE!

Damn... Feeling like going to Kbox for a session now before going to the real thing..haha...

Would be grateful forever if you guys picked me!

This will be the link if some of you are considering on going or wants to know more about the festival. http://www.ilikeamf.com.my/

Details of the concert are as below:
Date: 14th April 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30 pm onwards

Monday, 19 March 2012

Glimpse of surroundings

Indeed it's been a crazy week.. going all around to Vil Sern, Fern, Hong Weng, Yun Kat and others' convocation for 2 days in a row and 3 convocations....CRAZY!! But yet.. the amount of fun and memories we develop are just priceless and unforgettable. Before I forgets...Let's wish everyone that graduated a big congratulations and wishing each and everyone of you a great future ahead and please don't be picky on your job. If you haven't realise yet, throwing up the mortar board in the end signifies that you have finally graduated and at the same time, your loans, commitments, responsibilities are all tumbling down to you...So be ready people...haha... hard life ahead of you!!

It's been about 2months plus and yea, I'm still surviving in the company and I'm proud to say that I've learnt a lot from the company and I had a glimpse of what working life is. Indeed it's been a journey and I've made a decision to continue my journey after I finish my internship. I would willingly take this offer if they ready to accept me back and make this as an opportunity to make Nuffnang my stepping stone. Moving back a few steps, I have finally made up my mind to stay in Nom Nom Media as an Account Exec.. So yea, i'll be handling sales onwards.

Oh yea, I got a new mentor and she's awesome to the max... and a bunch of great colleagues!! Definitely more than just colleagues....awesome friends! Ever since I went to Nom nom...Life has been different to me and what I meant was I stayed up in the office ever later nowadays roughly bout 8-9pm and things are way different as the tasks are all on a new level of difficulties..Because of that, I'm telling myself to bring all my copy writing books to KL the next time I go back to Ipoh. It's time to get serious....

Sorry for not putting up and pictures and refurnishing my sentence structures and my english for this post...Just way too tired and I just remembered I've totally forgotten about writing my internship weekly report...I AM SO DEAD!!! signing off now...kthxbai

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Alright Party people!!I bet most of you already know what is coming around the corner! I believe this event is everyone's looking forward event throughout the year where we all celebrates the greenish day with all the huge ass pints of beers.. But none the less, it's a whole new level of celebration for this year. Aside from all the crazy drinking and dancing, Guinness has called us to join them in making 7th of March 2012 ‘The Friendliest Day of the Year’ and guess what?! Malaysia will also be participating in this event and it's held in Changkat Kuala Lumpur!

Allow me to take you to the imagination of boozes of beers at prices you'll be willing to spend all night long, the chance of meeting up the girl of you dreams there or hooking up with a hunk that makes you salivate capable of flooding the place! You guys might think I'm just making it up but then again, who knows right? It's never impossible for all these in this kinda Events right?

Even so you might not be interested as what I've mentioned, if you decides to go there just to spend your weekend with you friends, spend some quality time to catch up or go out on a date.. you will be automatically get to be in Guinness World of Records. I mean is there ANY REASON why you shouldn't be there?

If you've noticed that the event is called Friendliest Day of the Year and some of you will be guessing what will I be doing.. hah hah hah....I will be giving each and everyone a free hugs, dancing around making a fool of myself, checking out hot girls (Hamsap face), Obama face if I've seen anyone doing things are more "happening" than me and of course a huge ass smile is a must from me... why so cincai you might ask and I would reply..Sometimes in life.. A simple hug is all we need to keep us going. So yea...that is what I will give to everyone on that day! 

WAIT....One thing before we finish this off is where how you can be part of the Guinness World of Record.... Register yourself here!! and is how it looks like....

So what you gotta do is wear as greenish as you can and be there! Awesomeness enough???!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Another new experience in Internship

As the title being said, I can't wait for another experience in my Internship again! Yayyy to that! Now basically, I only have roughly a month left in my internship and as I have said in the earlier post about the Nom Nom Media. Mimi gave me a shot anyway and I have been told to switch over to Nom Nom media in the coming week. So yea, I'm full of mixed feelings now both positive and negative but I'm gonna stick to positive at the moment. Rolling back a few moments ago where I called my mom up and asked bout her opinion and she awaken me by saying don't worry much bout the performance and stuff yet as I'm still in my internship period and be in successful or not working in the sales department, I still have time to choose after the period. After that, it kind of makes me slow down a little bit thinking that yea, I still can choose and treat the sales training as an experience anyway if it really comes down to changing my desires.

Well yea, Hoping all the best at the moment and can't wait to earn more than what I'm getting now as a Cheap Labor. HAHA!! It's gonna be Friday in two more hours and I can't wait for it!! I'm going back to Ipoh for the weekend and eat some cheap good food hopefully have some time to visit friends in Kampar as well. Will update you guys soon if there is any progress or exciting things to share to you guys! Just a short one today! Take good care people as many are getting sick these few days. Enjoy your days in life and have a great weekend ahead!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My wants~

Lets start off with something sexy and mouth watering for boys and jealousy for the girls. Now now..Don't they have long and toned legs??Damn!!! haha! Anyway.. in the mean time, I am really trying hard not to give in to my desire of getting a Galaxy Note or Iphone 4s .... Still cant choose between these two actually and at the same time I got no money...DAMNNNN... Eventually the poison finally caught me...Sigh...

Hate this feeling that once your brain tells you that your wants becomes like a need, it just won't stop bugging you until you get that item and regret it RIGHT AFTER YOU WALKED OUT FROM THE SHOP.. Isn't that true? I can so relate to girls now..haha... Bitch please...

Talking bout girls, I still remember the day where all my colleagues found out about this on-line shopping page Zalora and literally abandon ship and each and everyone spontaneously log on to the website and started shopping. You have to believe me that my eyes were literally O.O haha...I'm not judging because if I were to judge, I'm judging myself as well coz I have this impulsive buying problem as well. So yea, current wants : Note/Iphone and Interchangeable Lens Camera. I know right? I GOT A DSLR ALREADY...haha...YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE??!!

Note to self: Advice from dad was even you earn a million but you spend a million and 1 dollar... It's still pointless! Such Wise WORDS seriously.

Lets move on I would say as I have no intention on staying long in this topic that will continue to mindfuck me and bring me through all the torture. Let's talk about Internship!

Now that would be more fun to talk about. PART II begins!

Today Sheng Wang came by and I was like Whaaaaaaaaaatttt....What are you doing here man?! Apparently this ex classmate from uni of mine came to do an interview with Boss. He works for Capital TV now and with him was Cay Kuijpers! The hot sexy with awesome personality Model from CLive 2009 babe.. She's from Philippines and damn her English very the FANTASTIK!

Pictures to prove! 

This is her if you ask Mr Google

Some of her shots

And this as well!

When I was talking to her, my mouth just went heavy on me and I believe my first impression just disappear macam David Blaine sial. But none the less, she's cool and really a nice person to talk to! She just started with Capital TV and I hope all the best for her. Oh! in case you guys are wondering why the hack Capital Tv is in our office.. ABUDEN?! Nuffnang masuk TV lar!! and we will be in the first episode!! #Awesomeness

Hmm.. Zooming in to my more personal thoughts in internship. Mimi (my HR manager) asked me whether I have thought of continue working in the Orange office or not and I said yes I did. So she was planning to put me in Nom Nom Media which is the Sales Department for Nuffnang and Churp2 and I said it's cool. However, at the moment, Sales position are full and she told me she's trying hard to slot me in. I wonder will it be a success and if she goes to a lot of trouble to put me in to sales, would I perform good enough? and I get to choose to continue doing what I'm doing at the moment, be in sales or doing advertisement operation/ ad ops. Let's see how it goes. Not all things will usually go as planned and I'm leaving it to God to this. He knows better!

Monday, 5 March 2012

A new Perspective of Myself

Hey, It's been awhile since I wrote anything here. It's week 7-8 now....Happened alot of things in the office I would say. There are good times and bad times but mostly awesome moments. I have to say this again in this post that the people in the office are awesome and well, they have been the friendliest people that I've ever met but none the less every person has their weaknesses. Oh yea, I like my mentor a lot as she has been truly kind to me in my shortcomings even though her new favourite hobby would be bullying me and she's younger than me. haha!! I have to say she is the best in what she do!

The two beautiful girls sitting next to me. Sofea and amayying a.k.a my Mentor

My Team Leader (Mama Bird of Churp2 Team)

The Churp2 Team..Well few missing people in these picture.

Sue and Rachel.. Awesome peeps!! <3

Notsohappy stuff : For example, first time in my life someone that came in the first day actually believes that it's funny to make fun of me as an intern despite my age. If you sir were in schooling days, I wud say that you'll would just be on your knees saying sorry to me and regretted the words you say. I am not bragging about that but I am capable of doing that. Just sadly, I recognize my position, responsibilities and I respect people in the office. I will not result in violence just because your parents did not do their duty in watching your bloody mouth.

I have to apologies for making all of you hearing my deep thoughts. But yea..it's my blog!! ngek ngek ngek... Note to self : Will not back down again if you take another shot on me instead I would pawn your fuckin' gayass till your hair dropped off. Rant enuf. No more questions!

What can you go wrong with these bunch of awesome people in your life?? *ruining my car*

Anyway... At the current moment of my life, I have just realised that I am not growing any younger and I can literally see that shit just got real. I mean like it or not, commitments and responsibilities are bound to tie you up! Being myself I know very well that laziness and carefree attitude I have for ages now, it's about time I need to throw it out from the window and for once in my life, achieve something. Career to start with I would say and this is where the bell rings in me. I have found that as much as I want to focus on my career achievement, I believe that having a relationship might be a hassle.

Is it just me or some of you think so as well? Yes it is weird having me saying all these but it is true.. Until or unless I found a girl that truely understands where I am standing and will not be in my way or walks along with me in this path, I would not consider having a relationship.

I have the power!!!! 

This will not be the music to the ears for most of the girls and some people might even find this offensive, mean,unromantic or even me being sucky at multitasking/can't handle my own responsibilities but what I'm trying to say is instead of lying to your face, I can't do it. I am that ignorant to this.

So yea..I am very curious if there is anyone out there are on the same page as me. Would love to talk more but sadly.. I think this post will stop here.. Next post perhaps.

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