Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A new Family...

Hey Guys... I know this is old story..but today I had the time of my life. Seriously getting to know people you rarely talk to and me being shy, It's really quite hard to know the people around you. After movie screening, meeting up with few of my old school friends.. Anak boss Cheong Kong, Ken wooi, as well as Chee Ching and Sue ling...Its a very warm feeling for a person who is new in K.L.

But what I'm trying to get is the gathering after the movie screening. The birthday celebration of Andrew Koo and Mr.MIN!!! Wish both of you guys a belated birthday to Min and Birthday in advance to Andrew. I was really glad that I was invited because this is really what I wanted. An unofficial outing with all the nuffies. I'm definitely proud to say that I call myself a Nuffie! Got forced to the dance floor to dance and sharing stories and laughter with one another, truly a new family to me. The most welcoming warm hearted office environment that anyone would kill to work and hang out together in. Me as an Intern would not even dare to talk about the pay as I am ready to give up the pay for the family feel and shall learn whatever that is being thrown to me, even the slightest and easiest job, I Victor Loke will make it the best as it can be on my capability!

Talking to Min after club was really a motivation and assurance for me to do my best in my life and NEVER EVER Break MY own stands/principals! I have my goals in life to set and I will work my ways to achieve it with the help of my God! The blog will be lacking of pictures to attract you guys due to late night post and mostly...MY LAZINESS!!! muahahaha.....but anyway...Who's really gonna spend time in reading my blog?! XD

Deep down, I'm jumping for joy and superb happy choosing to work in Churp Churp and all of you wonder why. What else can an Intern ask for? A great teacher Mikaela! An awesome team leader Michelle Teh, and Tons of lovely colleagues! Everything I learn be it work wise and mistakes that I've made, the forgiveness was given. I am deeply touched and will not fail another time. Got screwed for the first time today as I've forgotten to bring a pen for movie screening attendance. Then Farah told me off, I realized that it was a terrible and stupid mistake. What was I thinking??!! but yet, Mikaela actually console me not to feel bad bout it. That is like...DUDE!!! can't you see the humbleness and willingness to carry the guilt of an Intern together??!! How awesome is that?? My promise to myself! That will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!

owh...this might just be the longest post ever..haha.... Anyway, I'll do my very best to leave a footprint of myself in the office throughout my internship and better still.. Prove I'm worthy of everyone's time as an intern there! Kudos to all everyone!! 2moro is a public holiday btw in KL!!! YAY!!!! AWESOME!!! not forgetting our boss Tim Tiah gave me ANGPAU!!! HAHA!!! two thumbs up all the way!!! Good night everyone!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

CNY 2012

It's Chinese NEw Year and I'm taking loan leave... Glad to be around Ipoh..Time spent with my all my friends were awesome and unforgettable.. These friends are always awesome to be with. But yet at the same time, I was thinking about my work. Knowingly I'm just an intern but this is...feeling like another family to me. Would really want to know each and everyone of them well. That would be my goal..haha...

Condolences to one of my colleague. Mimi pie. Really sorry for what have happened and with a heavy heart I understand your feelings. BE strong..Take baby steps if you find it hard to move on. All of us will be there for ya! no worries!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I Fought the Law...and ????

This is one of the oldies but yet still eargasm to me!! XD

Should keep this playing all the time~

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Another day at work. More about learning today and I'm actually liking it here in the office. Always felt the warmth around me and these people here are super nice! Two days now, and I'm glad I'm doing things rather then rotting. There are tons of things to learn currently and I hope I can cope with it.

Currently 1 thing I hate.. Adapting to working life. Its a burden at the moment actually that as much as I want to stay longer in the office but yet it seems that my concentration ain't sustaining well and the fear of going back== " yea yea I know, I'm a guy and I shouldn't be afraid but dammit. The path I'm taking is pretty darn scary you see and the imaginations just keeps haunting you. Would really wish that I have the money to drive to the office everyday..XD

Learn a certain things today and felt satisfied with the compliment my senior gave me. like really appreciate it and normally that is just what keeps people moving forward. Nuffies are well mannered even though at times they will pull your leg once in a while but hey, laughters happened!

Hmm, got to know I have to start work on wednesday after CNY...which also meant 2days of holidays...Really wanted to see my friends and family back in hometown and I do miss them a lot. Thus decided to apply leave even though I'm not supposed to. =/ Eventually I did just to try my luck you see. If approve I'll be happy and if I didn't get it..well, I'm just an intern. Life's like that for an intern!haha

Hmm, got to know from my mentor today that kids in university are complaining bout the FYP marks and asking parents to write letters to the management complaining about the marks and freely defaming   the examiners. I seriously think it's a cheap shot and unfair to the examiners. What is happening among the parents nowadays??!! like seriously??? did I mention that they got a C+??? dude....it's not even F that you got. What actually makes we as student think that we deserve a better grade if our work ain't up to par? What happened to Self - Assessment value in all of us?

Amount of effort does not matter if the result is shitty. Point of Interest! People in the world don't really care how midnight oils we burnt to finish some task, Clients don't teach you how to do things (you'll have to figure it out yourself, in fact you'll be the luckiest guy in the world if your friends and colleagues are there to help you!) All I want to say is.. Only the Outcome that counts!

Going to mama and papa after being lazy and not trying hard enough is just really spoilt and humiliating moment. How old are you guys now? Please... live in the moment fellow juniors. Going out to working life soon. Can't really be crying everyday can you???

That should be enough, don't really have much strength to be thinking bout these where my life ain't far enough. Reminder to myself everyday I wake up :
1) Be productive!
2) Try to talk more (Still not used to it. Too many new people suddenly makes me anxious and lost)
3) Try to remember all the names.. DAMN I SUCKED AT THIS!
4) Save money... =( KL mmg expensive..
5) If I walk faster = Lose fats faster? XD can someone answer this for me?? or its just my mind playing  tricks on me?

These are the few things going through my mind every morning! haha... Thats all for now. Oh yea! Enjoy your last minute CNY shopping guys!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

New chapter Starts : Intern Life

Just came back from work and it was awesome! Got a brief walk through on what' s my job scope is and I really liked all the people around! Came early to work and found out that no one actually was there yet. @@" Lesson learnt : no need so gan cheong wan.

People were nice, funny, and crazy! Lovin' it! Today was a very productive day, not on work but ethics. An incident happened today reminding me to be a humble and get something you wanted in a proper way. Seriously, sometimes those ways that might seems to be a shortcut just doesn't weigh enough to compensate the outcomes.

Believing I'll do just fine in this company and a lot of things to be learnt. Get ready what's coming and need to be hardworking! oh yea.. Part of my job scope on the free time..read 9gag or something similar, post it up and attending movie premier is a must..XD

Saturday, 14 January 2012

I've been thinking at the matter of girls way of thoughts. Now, the thing I don't get it is why guys cheated on them on a few occasions and they can still forget about it and treat it like nothing ever happened. I have put myself in the their shoes multiple times and I just couldn't figure it out. Is it for the sake of love they had for us boys? or perhaps they do not want to feel lonely again and handle the comments friends make after it? or even maybe they choose not to experience another level of getting to know a better guy?


As I put myself in their shoes, I would always think that once my partner cheated on me, there wouldn't be a turning back for the relationship. The trust, the hope, the security of the relationship built by all the memories and time we spent, just broken up like that giving you the thoughts 'what bout both of them? how much memories she made with you compared with the other person?' Would this thinking of mine being selfish? or not being understanding? or just pure strict of principalities?

Enlighten me friends.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

1st Video post on the new Blog

Alright...here's a song i wanted to post up...reveals a lil hidden part of my life...

Sound straight from the twilight
Has me up all night
I can't fall asleep 'cause I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow outside my window and it's you.

All my sorrows flew away
Hush, keep quiet, hear me say
I don't ever want you to go
Please stay
With the moonlight dancing free
And there's no one but you and me
There's no reason to go astray
Please stay.

Making up a story
It's the way you're looking at me
If you think that this is funny, it's just you.

Try and think about it,
If you're heart is closed don't lock it,
Keep your keys back in your pocket,
Think this through.


Please stay with me
Just stay with me
and I will take you to Foreverland
Just stay

Walking Round Town

It was a nice day..Woke up in the morning planning on travelling around KL by foot and of course...trying the route on how to go to the office.. Pumped up with the feeling, I CAN DO THIS! Walked around KL indeed...started routing to my office and counted the amount of time to reach (30mins)..Walked around the area of office to hunt for food to eat next time.. and checking out the bars around the area...Well,its in the afternoon so really nothing much to see there..

At 7pm..Meeting up with Alicia Thooi!!! woohoo...haha....So i went to bukit bintang to meet her up...But damn...Super blur bout the roads and stuff...eventhough i took the monorail..haha...met up with her finally and she took me around with the BF as well...Suren...a new friend made~! the one i heard alot from her yet this is the first time I've met him.. Well by the time I got back its almost 10.30 i assume...and yea...Already tired.. Here are some random pictures I've taken and Today's goal...Explore KL by car...God bless my toll and my sense of direction..haha...

I found this while walking one of the most deserted shopping mall..TRY GUESSING...


Its a tool for mati pucuk ppl...got no idea how it works man...haha...but looks like a pump to me

The outside look of the building(nuffnang)

and here you'll see bars whole stretch...

Front door of the office and the parking i see...is scary

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New one

Alright....has been ages since the last time I created a Blog...and i wonder how long will this last..haha..well....I think I'll just start of with a new entry on my internship life.. For my friends who might get updates from me...I'll be frequently updating it on here(I hope)..

Oki doki..Came to KL today to get my new room and hell it was..A little bit bumpy at first but managed to settle  down myself now.. Took a few pictures here and there and the only best part was the night view outside my room..You'll know why I highlight it later.

Ate my first meal in KL at a mamak shop...i guess nothing can go wrong with the taste in the mamak anywhere..agree??

And tomorrow I'll be on foot around the area..and perhaps..take a route to the office..NUFFNANG BABEHH!! xD

The View right outside my window..facing Twintower and a lil bit of KL tower

The right hand side of the view

Inner room...still a lil bit unorganized that time..now is way better

And this is the "view" I'm talking about..haha...

Yup..You got it right...patriotic yo!! 1 Malaysia ads whole night!!

I have to say...Sorry boss...Gua suka sama pakatan...lu punya building banyak eyesore..

Large Rectangular