Thursday, 5 July 2012

Keep Walking...

Decisions ohh decisions... We make decisions everyday. Be it a small one or a big one, we make decisions everyday and sometimes it gets hard. One of the most common ones would be places to have your meals or should I pump petrol to my car at the nearest petrol station or later. Have you came across the harder ones in life? Things like what should I enrol myself in when I enter universities or colleges? What am I going to do after finishing my studies or perhaps which phone should I buy is hard enough??

The toughest decision I ever made was what I want for my career. I mean in the beginning, I know very well what I wanted (a copywriter) but somehow after going to a career talk and opening your eyes to so many other jobs available in the same industry kinda makes you reconsider. To the very least...ME!

Yes, I'm still holding on to become a copywriter or writing but I'm deciding to put it on hold or improve myself slowly first. I went to a Career Talk a couple weeks ago, I was amazed by how some speakers sells the concept of their job scopes to the people in the room. It can be so interesting and yet so factual about it. No sugar coating, no con job, just plain blunt simple truth.

Career Talks maybe boring at times. In fact a lot of talks which I've been were boring. Most of them shows only the better part and leaves you quite a number of unanswered questions and hanging. In the current one organized by 95% Advertising Academy gathering about 8 most inspiring people in the advertising industry kinda gave me a very clear picture of what is there to offer in the industry itself.

So yea, I've figured out what I want to do for the current me, and I might even try for the Graduate Fellowship they are offering to Fresh graduates and Final Semester Students. If you have no idea what is it all about or what makes me eager to join, do visit their website here. Look at the benefits they are offering.

I'm now looking forward to become a Strategy Planner and I'm pretty sure if I'm qualified, I'll be in safe hands. On another note, I realised the advertising industry is quite a versatile industry to be in. Imagine people from all different backgrounds ended up in the advertising industry! People graduates from Engineering, Law, Finance, IT etc etc. Basically anyone are capable in joining which also means that it's more exciting and challenging.

One final piece of advice was given to me : No matter what career path you're in, you still deal with people. With that, Please perfect your 'Engrish'.

Sort of two in one kind of advice don't you think?

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