Thursday, 2 August 2012

Busy Malaysia

Hi all! Today, I would like to talk about our beloved country Malaysia. What's the hottest news in our country at the moment?? Take a wild guess.. and no, it's not the Olympics (that's the sports section^^)

Yes! It's about politics isn't it? So much so it's been going more then 6 months now and yet the election have yet to come. Everyone is so busy about debates on who's better and multiple promises have been made. All for one reason, to win votes. So much so, they are making almost the international news.

What I'm wondering was... What are we citizens are doing? I mean we see them debate, we see them having talks on the streets, and seeing their party banners everywhere.Both sides have been talking about diversity in our country and we need to be one. We are 1Malaysia and 'sehati sejiwa'.

But beside all that, what we citizens have been doing? I couldn't say more because what I'm about to say have been put to words by Namawee and Dato' David Arumugam.

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