Friday, 2 November 2012

Music of our motherland

Let's start of with something like this...

What do you think? If anyone of you were to be about my age or to be a little older, you'll definitely know this band... and what about this...??

Nice catchy song don't you think so? Or maybe you'll love something like this...

Now personally I like all of these songs and the one no brainer similarity is that all 3 of these bands are made from our local music scene. Probably one of the earliest to be in the rock scene of Malaysia. Where I'm trying to get is that I believe our local breed bands are actually quite awesome. Take a look at this!

I mean people do complain that our local scene should stay under and only sings in Malay language; do tell me now, which of these songs do sound like Manglish?(Except when they sang in that language of course)

In my humble opinion, I believe the local music scene should be given a chance not only for solo singers like Siti Nurhaliza but also the music scene as a whole. That includes rock bands. I seriously do not get what's the deal with rock music is the devil's work mentality! That damn believe is just pure hypocrite! It's like the devil got blame for nothing!

What are the advantage of supporting our music industry?

  • The obvious would be the exchange rate of foreign currency in purchasing the songs
  • Perhaps the image of Malaysia will change a little to a better one
  • People will actually care to find out where is Malaysia on the map
  • Recognition not only for the bands but as well as our country~!
I mean these few reasons are strong and valid enough to actually make a move.. It's even funnier our local bands are more famous in other country and well cheered for compared back in Malaysia itself. For example: Pop Shuvit is freaking hawt in Japan, OAG is well known around the world especially UK (they even got invited to play for Fifa)

Come on, there way more talents that can move far from where they are now, try supporting them now and again don't be ashame of your own roots and your country. Yes I do have to agree there's a huge big war going on in our very own country but yet again, we are all in this together, it doesn't matter who wins and who didn't, and hack we don't even care at some point. Everything starts from within and as long you have that real Malaysian spirit in you, it's more than enough. I shall leave you guys with one last video and have a happy weekend!

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