Sunday, 28 October 2012

When things are hard

Signed in to Youtube and starts playing 'Til Kingdom Come' by Coldplay. While I indulge in this song and allowing the tunes and melody brings me to a whole new feel, I began to think of my life and how things are at the moment and how my life changed as I grow.

The phrase came to mind where 'If you spend most of your time pleasing people, you're not really living your life, and people don't appreciate what you've done instead they ask for more from you.' It's true isn't it? Look at the reality of the world, no matter how much you sacrifice your time and even at the back of your mind tells you it's not worth it but because of your love for people, you fight your thoughts thinking it's all worth it; somehow you find yourself disappointed all the time.

At times, things might turned out to be worst, you'll lose your close friends when they don't see the point of your doings. The doings of when you yourself learning to change to make yourself a little happier after all the sacrifices and deeds. It makes you sad when you jump to the conclusion of is that what your friends weighs you? The deeds and sacrifices for their benefits instead of yours?

The thoughts leads to how much are you willing to go for your friends? How many of your friends appreciate what you've done and willing to be the other clapping hand? Not much I believe. Moving on from this, who appreciates your sacrifices and your time more specifically instead of do so much just to see which of your friends cherished you?

Personally, I think we should not stop giving our love and good deeds. I'm not asking all of us to be selfish, if we all are then war is going to start. And I do think we had enough of wars, fakers and dramas already. I guess we should channel all these more to our loved ones and your partner. I think they appreciate it more compared to other people. My dad once told me that 'The ones that are going to be with you through thick and thin, is not your friends but the one that says yes I do'.

Your wife/husband/spouse/gf/bf that loves you for who you are. You might agree wholly or you might agree to a certain extend, but we all know that when two person comes together and tolerate each other, it's really a lot of effort and magic to make it happen and I guess I see that a lot in my parents.

I've seen the worst and the happiest moments of them as I live with them. I do wish I can be in the moment with the one I love too. Such greatness that can actually change your worst day of your life to the happiest. So love the ones that sees you through the hopeless journey not only your success. Give them a hug and a big kiss if you think you have neglected them.

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