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Pulau Sembilan Fishing Trip [P9]

Here's a post for a fishing trip I just went on 17th May 2013 - 18th May 2013.

Destination - Pulau Sembilan [P9]
Overnight Trip
Tekong - Abang Man

So 5 of us consist of our Captain Kin Loon, Daniel, Clarence, Vincent, and myself started our journey at about 3am from Yum Yum Restaurant Kota Damansara. We got everything packed into Daniel's Triton and got ready for the journey.

Let the pictures start doing the talking shall we?
Our Ride all the from KL - Lumut

The members for an early breakfast

About 6:30am we reached a place in Lumut to have our early breakfast and it's chicken rice! 

Departure Time

Purely reminds me Man Vs Wild

Cooked by our Tekong Abang Man Cincaru Curry with Salted Egg! Yummy Of course!

 Captain's Ikan Cermin (Longfin Trevally)
Daniel's Biggest Talang (Queenfish) approx 2kg

 If you ever wondered how fishermen gets the anchovies.. Here's how! These boats are worth about a million to actually own one according to our Tekong

Net catch consist of 1 stingray, 1 Flower Crab and 1 Stone Crab

This is our total catch throughout the Trip!

One of the island around Pangkor Island and Pulau Sembilan

Pangkor Island 

The best fishing spot throughout the whole Trip (Batu Puteh) in P9

Our Chef Daniel got the biggest hookup! 

Engine room cum Kitchen. How crazy is that?!

Our Captain wins the title of most fish in one hook up (5 Cincaru / Hardtail Scad)

This is how a Hardtail Scad (Cincaru) looks like.. In the family of Tuna

Oh, we also knew that PR is in Pangkor Island too! Ini Kalilah!

Say Hi~~

Our Total Catch of the Trip and I'm Happy with it!

Advise to all - Never go fishing on the weekend. It'll be packed and it's not going to be pleasant fishing with so many people around.

So basically that's about all we catched and that almost sums up the whole trip. We went back to KL and drop by Daniel's Restaurant (Yum Yum Restaurant) for a quick lunch! Plus he's the cooking our fishes FRESH! Here are the pictures of the food!

Nothing beats FRESH Seafood and I meant real fresh! All the food cooked by Yum Yum Restaurant were awesomely nice and the curry with the fresh fishes are just a DIE FOR!

And again, Lines tight and have fun! Great experience and although I did have seasick experience but it was a great trip!

 Thanks and Lines Tight by the Gone Fishing Group!

*Pictures credits to our Captain Kin Loon. 

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